VoIP Switch

Antonia Softswitch: The Advanced Switch for Wholesale and Retail VoIP Businesses

The VoIP Switch is basically a software-based contraption significant with various sorts of data exchanges framework to give a successful entry to voice and data traffic alongside phone calls. Antonia Softswitch is expected to manage the online UIs that in this way help for getting propelled observing and framework management applications.

Our Class 5 Softswitch offers a bearer review platform for business and private VoIP steering. It can likewise give other VoIP Phone Services, for example, call holding, call transferring and call forwarding. Our Softswitch is utilized to for call trunking and IP/Mobile VoIP services. This is for the most part expected for end clients requiring nearby and long separation VoIP communication administrations. Physical switchboards were already used to course telephone calls, however today attributable to the advances in the media transmission industry, software has been created to course phone calls by means of the web.


The Antonia VoIP Switch is fueled by dependable software in light of open interfaces and conventions. It’s an ideal answer for any business searching for an effective phone utility platform that expands income and backings a broad assortment of utilization. Any organization can increase its incomes effectively by offering administrations, for example, Wholesale and Retail VoIP, Calling Card, Call Back, Call Shop and many more, all made accessible through a Class 5 Softswitch.

We gives the most noteworthy reliable and capable Class 5 Softswitch and constituted VoIP Billing entrance to make the phone calls using Internet while controlling the relationship between circuit-traded and distribute framework for trouble free call coordinating, signaling and distinctive applications. This enables your customers to genuinely take advantage of the universe of brought together interchanges with only one software establishment by us. Additionally it enables users to utilize VoIP facilities through mobile phones.