Hosted VoIP Solution

Antonia Solution offers the best suitable Hosted VoIP Solution and other Hosted Services in better price.

Antonia Solution is one of the most reliable, innovative and best-in-breed VoIP telecom solution provider in the industry. Backed with extensive experience and appetite for innovation and creativity, we have emerged as a trademark of quality in the market. Our pragmatic approach and expertise in offering a wide range of Hosted VoIP solutions allow us to keep ahead of inflexion in technology and competition. Our offerings, especially Hosted Softswitch, Hosted Softphone and Anti Block Solution in particular are regularly asked by top‐notch companies, enterprises, Next‐ Gen Service Providers (ITSPs), Wireless Internet Service Providers(WISPs), Telephone Companies (TELCOs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe.

With our Hosted VoIP solutions, several companies are saving potentially expensive costs of investing in VoIP equipment and its management. The solutions can be branded any way you need so that you can quickly build a profitable ITSP business, with no capital investment, without purchasing your own infrastructure.  Each solution is cloud based, highly scalable, customizable and can be deployed easily in no time.

hosted voip solution

Hosted Solution :

  • Softswitch, VoIP Billing and Calling Card System
  • IPPBX System
  • Call Shop 
  • Call Center Solution
  • Website
  • Technical Support

If you are looking for a reliable and superior quality Hosted VoIP solution then we can offer you the best solution in better cost. Write us your query to and our team will get back to you with most suitable solution.